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12 Reasons Why I Decided To Quit My Job, Start My Own Business And Become A Florist

Posted by on Mar 5, 2016

12 Reasons Why I Decided To Quit My Job, Start My Own Business And Become A Florist

For years I have been working in a large company, not really knowing where my life is heading and being only a tiny piece of a large corporation, I felt like I could not exist without this large machinery. Still, I have always had a dream of owning a really small business and working for myself! Here’s how and why I decided to start my own business and become a florist!

1. My Job Did Not Fulfill Me
Surely, there are a ton of people like me out there. I felt miserable doing my job, I felt miserable going to work, and even when I was at home I kept thinking about problems from work. It was making me feel really bad, and one day I building-your-own-businessdecided enough was enough! I could not and would not take it any longer!

2. I Had A Boss!
Now when I own my own business I see how liberating it is not to have someone to boss you around. Truth be told, not even my boss was her own boss, she also had a boss. The chain probably goes on forever so much that in the end some employees don’t even know who they are working their assess off for!

3. Working With Plants Heal Me Working with plants benefits my soul, it makes me feel in sync with my inner being and it meets all my needs.

4. I Work With People In Person
The majority of my clients come to my shop. This immediate experience makes it so much real, and it is much more relaxing to work this way than to always be on your computer.

How-to-Start-Your-own-Business15. I Don’t Deal With Nervous Colleagues
Nervous colleagues are a thing of the past, since I have been in my own business. No one is talking behind my back any longer – that’s right plants don’t talk!

6. Nasty Clients Are A Thing Of The Past
It’s so much easier for clients to be nasty when they don’t meet you in person. Since I have been a florist, I really had almost no negative experiences with my clients.

7. It Is Really Relaxing
I find this business really relaxing and beautiful. I enjoy each bouquet I make, each flower blossom, and it is the best job in the world!Starting Your Own Business

8. I Can Think About Life And Other Things Deeply My business gives me enough time to think about life in general and other things without being bothered, or having to worry about work problems.

9. I Don’t Have To Think About Anything At All
Also, if I don’t want to think about anything in particular, it is also an option!

10. It’s Not Really A JobYoung woman florist working in the greenhouse.
This is my business, but it is also my passion, and I don’t really think of it as of my job. Being a florist completes me. It makes me true to my personality and identity.

11. I Earn Just Enough
People sometimes ask me whether I earn a lot, or too little. The truth is I earn just enough to be able to afford myself a regular living and I am mentally stable and relaxed, which means more to me that all the money I could earn working in a large corporation.

12. I Take Pride In What I Do! Sometimes people look at me in wonder, or I can feel they feel sorry for me working my job. Still, I take pride in what I do! It defines me. I am a business woman, a florist, an entrepreneur and I feel amazing each day! How many people can say that?

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